Health & Public Safety

Provides information on health and public safety services in Edmonton including dentists, massage therapists, walk in medical clinics and other services that keep people in good health.
Details : AA - Edmonton
AA - Edmonton

The web site for Alcoholics Anonymous of Edmonton provides AA meeting lists, sponsor and contact information for those looking to stop, and those who have stopped drinking.
Details : Connect Society
Connect Society

The Connect Society's was created to help and support deaf and hard of hearing individuals, as well as their families to become contributing members of society.
Details : St. Joseph's Auxilliary Hospital
St. Joseph's Auxilliary Hospital

Faith based hospital in Edmonton offer treatment to people of all faiths. The hospital has a palliative program, provides continuing care to patients and provides peritoneal dialysis.
Details : Defining Eve
Defining Eve

Nutrition and fitness company in Edmonton that offers counselling and fitness programs. The company specializes in offering training and counselling to women, including pregnant women.
Details : YMCA of Edmonton
YMCA of Edmonton

Provides information on a fitness club based in Edmonton, Alberta. In addition to facilities and exercise classes, the organization also provides child minding services as well.
Details : Edmonton Epilepsy Association
Edmonton Epilepsy Association

The Edmonton Epilepsy Association is a non-profit organization which provides information about epilepsy to individuals with epilepsy, their families, and the general public.
Details : Petrolia Family Dental Care
Petrolia Family Dental Care

Dental practice based in Edmonton that offers treatement to families. Offered dental services include treatment of gum diseases and cosmetic services such as tooth whitening.
Details : Scotia Square Dentistry
Scotia Square Dentistry

Cosmetic dental firm based in Edmonton. Procedures offered vy the practice include treatment of peridontal disease, dental implants and dental cleanings.
Details : Sana Cosmetic Dental
Sana Cosmetic Dental

Dental firm based in Edmonton offering a range of treatments to patients. The practice offers dental implants, porcelain veneers and white fillings.
Details : Dr. Vincentia Aung (Dentist)
Dr. Vincentia Aung (Dentist)

Dentist that offers both restorative and preventative dental services in Edmonton. The firm also offers acupuncture services to patients on request.
Details : Dr Cindy Neufeld, General Dentist
Dr Cindy Neufeld, General Dentist

General dentist based in Edmonton, Alberta. Dr Neufeld offers several types of procedures including treatment of gum disease and sedation dentistry.
Details : Mill Creek Animal Hospital
Mill Creek Animal Hospital

Provides veterinary services to animals in Edmonton. The hosptial offers three specialized programs: to let animals donate blood, help animals with weight loss and volunteers.
Details : Delton Veterinary Hospital
Delton Veterinary Hospital

Hospital that provides medical treatment to animals in the capital of Alberta. There are also articles that explain the basics of animal health and advice on dogs.
Details : Edmonton Equine
Edmonton Equine

Veterinary service that provides medical treatment to horses in Edmonton. The hospital offers herd health advice, reproduction services, general surgery and vaccination.
Details : Mayfield Veterinary Hospital
Mayfield Veterinary Hospital

Provides medical treatment to animals in the western part of Edmonton. Services offered include radiology, nutrition counselling, dentistry and lab testing.
Details : Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry - University of Alberta
Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry - University of Alberta

Provides medical education and degrees in Edmonton, Alberta. Available programs include the history of medicine, training in research, dentistry, and continuing education.
Details : The Allin Clinic
The Allin Clinic

Medical clinic offering treatment in Edmonton, Alberta. Offered medical services include surgery, family medicine, internal medicine and pediatrics.
Details : The Walk in Medical Clinic
The Walk in Medical Clinic

Walk in medical clinic that provides treatment to patients in Edmonton. The clinic offers family medicine, treatment of children and other patients as well.
Details : Saint Thomas Community Health Centre
Saint Thomas Community Health Centre

Community health centre that provides a variety of treatments in Edmonton, Alberta. The Centre provides continuing care, health promotion and counselling.
Details : Chronic Foot Pain Centre
Chronic Foot Pain Centre

Medical clinic that provides specialized medical care for foot pain problems in Edmonton. The centre can treat chronic heel pain and other conditions.
Details : Massage At Work
Massage At Work

Massage service based in Edmonton, Alberta. The company offers massages at corporate events, corporate chair massage and a tool to schedule massages.
Details : Awakening Within
Awakening Within

Company that provides yoga instruction and massage therapy in Edmonton. The centre also provides workshops in meditation, prenatal massage and infant massage.
Details : Aligned Right Massage
Aligned Right Massage

Provides massage services to clients in Edmonton, Alberta. The company's services can help people recover from sports injuries, accidents and stress.
Details : 50th Street Chiropractic
50th Street Chiropractic

Edmonton chiropractic service that offers health information and treatments. There are videos and articles that explains the health benefits of chiropractic treatment.
Details : Edmonton Chiropractic Clinic
Edmonton Chiropractic Clinic

Clinic in Edmonton that provides chiropractic services. Services offered include low intensity laser (LILT) services, VAX-D decompression therapy and active release techniques.
Details : Liberty Chiropractic
Liberty Chiropractic

Health clinic that provides chiropratic treatments in Edmonton. There are also articles explaining rehab exercises that can help patients recover from various types of injuries.
Details : South Side Chiropractic
South Side Chiropractic

Provides chiropractic treatment in Edmonton, Alberta. In addition to treatment, the practice offers information on subluxation and a service to ask questions to chiropractors.
Details : Helwig Family Chiropractic Inc
Helwig Family Chiropractic Inc

Health clinic that provides chiropractic treatments to patients in Edmonton. There is a glossary of chiropractic terms, advice on how to recover from injuries and details on fees.
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