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Details : ASSC-CDSA

The Canadian Deaf Sports Association supports sports for deaf people in Canada. Find out about the association, its history, its athletes, its events and more.
Details : The Champlain Society
The Champlain Society

Publishes early historical documents on Canada's history. The website is a great resource for students and researchers interested in knowing more of Canada's history. The site's digital collection has Samuel de Champlain's travel narratives, Sir John Franklin's Arctic reports and more.
Details : Correctional Service of Canada
Correctional Service of Canada

The Correctional Service of Canada seeks the protection of society by actively encouraging and assisting offenders to become law-abiding citizens.
Details : Same Sex Marriage - Canada
Same Sex Marriage - Canada

Same Sex Marriage lobbies for full and equal marriage for gays and lesbians in Canada and around the globe.
Details : Foster Care Council of Canada
Foster Care Council of Canada

The Foster Care Council of Canada is lobbying to increase public awareness of existing and emerging child welfare issues and to increase accountability and service quality in child welfare.
Details : Environment Canada
Environment Canada

The mandate of EC is to advocate for the preservation of Canada's natural environment, the conservation of its renewable resources, including water, and to forecast changes in the weather and the environment. News and sponsored events are posted here, along with the organization's services and activities.
Details : Imagine Canada
Imagine Canada

Imagine Canada is a website that provides information on Canadian charities and non-profit organizations. The website has an extensive research section detailing how charities perform as well as details on donations. You can also join the organization from this website.
Details : Canada 411
Canada 411

Canada's white and yellow pages. Find the person or business you are looking for via name search, reverse phone lookup, reverse address search, or postal code search. Option to search for a toll free number.
Details : Green Party of Canada
Green Party of Canada

Web site contains information about the Green Party of Canada, an environmentalist party that seeks to utilize politics to end the exploitation of the planet.
Details : Conservative Party of Canada
Conservative Party of Canada

The official web site for the Conservative Party of Canada. Web site contains the latest news and party agenda information for the Conservative Party of Canada.
Details : Canadian Organization for Development through Education
Canadian Organization for Development through Education

The Canadian Organization for Development through Education (CODECAN) is a non-profit organization lobbying for literacy in the developing world.
Details : Campaign for Nuclear Phaseout
Campaign for Nuclear Phaseout

Available in English and French, the CNP web site represents a coalition of Canadian public interest groups concerned with the possible environmental consequences of nuclear power generation. Educational resources are made available, including contact information for government officials throughout Canada.
Details : CCCC

CCCC, the Canadian Council of Christian Charities, is a non-profit organization with a mandate to enhance and advance the philanthropic activities of Christian churches throughout Canada.
Details : Child Abuse Fact Sheet
Child Abuse Fact Sheet

This web site features a comprehensive fact sheet about Child Abuse, including the signs, as well as where and how to get help; from the Canadian Department of Justice.
Details : Canadian Society for the Investigation of Child Abuse
Canadian Society for the Investigation of Child Abuse

The Canadian Society for the Investigation of Child Abuse is a non-profit organization with a mandate to train child abuse investigators to respond to the needs of abused children across Canada.
Details : Indexing Society of Canada
Indexing Society of Canada

This Canadian professional organization is for people who create abstracts, indexes and similar tools. You can use this website to learn more about this line of work. You can also search for an indexer using the Society's directory here.
Details : The Monarchist League of Canada
The Monarchist League of Canada

The Monarchist League of Canada explores the importance of the Crown to Canada and the multi-faceted activities of the League across this land.
Details : Canada and the Commonwealth
Canada and the Commonwealth

Web site contains reference and general information regarding Canada and the Commonwealth, including Commonwealth initiatives.
Details : Canadian Activism Archives
Canadian Activism Archives

Utilizing a wiki format, this is a collection of historical archives of guides for social justice and environmental activism in Canada. Included are past events, issues, campaigns, people, places, organizations, tactics and terminology.
Details : Canadian Coalition for Nuclear Responsibility
Canadian Coalition for Nuclear Responsibility

CCNR is a not-for-profit organization charged with conducting research and education on issues related to nuclear energy, including non-nuclear alternatives, particularly those relating to Canada. Available in English and French.
Details : Canadian Community Foundation
Canadian Community Foundation

The Canadian Community Foundation is a non-profit organization with a mandate promote, enhance, and advance philanthropy throughout Canada.
Details : Canadian Criminal Justice Association
Canadian Criminal Justice Association

The Canadian Criminal Justice Association is a non-profit organization dedicated to the improvement of the criminal justice system in Canada.
Details : Canadian Foundation of Drug Policy
Canadian Foundation of Drug Policy

Non-profit organization. Seeks to reform Canada's drug laws and policies, and to raise awareness as to why reform is needed. Also provides Canadian and international news highlighting headlines with regard to drugs.
Details : Canadian Heritage
Canadian Heritage

Canadian Heritage is a ministry of the Canadian government dedicated to promoting the importance of Canadian history and memory. The ministry is also active at promoting diversity, multiculturalism and Canadian citizenship. You can also find out about the public consultation efforts undertaken by the ministry.
Details :

The official website of the Canadian Therapeutic Riding Association. Provides worshops, support, news and more for horseback riders who are physically disabled.
Details : CRHP

RHP, the Canadians for Rational Health Policy, lobbies the development of health policies and programs based on the best available scientific evidence.
Details :

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